Foccacia Recipe.

Yield 2 Full Sheet Trays (Restaurant Tray size)
For best results we do not recommend that you half this recipe.


7.5 lbs bread flour
5 C warm water
2 C warm milk
1 C Roasted Garlic-Roasted and squeezed out.
4 oz Salt
3.5 oz fresh yeast
1 C olive oil
Plus ½ C water


-Combine all ingredients but the ½ cup of water in a large mixer at speed 1 for 3 min
-Slowly add the ½ cup of water
-Mix on speed 2 for 8 min
-Separate into 2 portions, cover with plastic and let rise for 30-45 min.
-Coat a sheet tray with olive oil
-Roll out and transfer to sheet trays
-Poke tops with fingertips to press into sheet trays
-Dough will rise more in the trays so let sit rise for 20-40 min more
-Poke tops again and then brush tops with olive oil
-Bake at 400-450 for 20 minutes-look for a golden brown color. Be sure to rotate the baking sheet every 5 minutes while cooking.
-While hot you can sprinkle with sea salt and fresh rosemary.
-Transfer to rack to cool